Use our Purchase Guide to a Digital Radiography System when you are considering upgrading your practice and going digital. We took the time to craft a series of questions for you to know what should be offered by the imaging company you choose. We at HDS, pride ourselves with the reliability and ease of use of our systems and the clarity in our images.

Does the company sell all three modalities: CCD, Flat Panel and CR?

HDS Systems – Yes! When a company does not, it is more likely they will only offer that modality when something else may work better for their application

Specifications of your Computer for your x-ray units?

Our HDS computers are custom built, fanless solid state technology, latest core processor and external backup *optional*

How long has HDS been selling particular product or system?

HDS has been developing products since 2003 and has digital clients going back over 10 years utilizing same hardware and still servicing analog clients going back since 1960s

What is the background of the company?

HDS has been around for three generations in x-ray imaging since 1947

Is the image quality high resolution?

HDS 16MP can visualize the heads on a coin

Does the system have fans and requires periodic maintenance or yearly calibrations?

HDS Systems – No! Our systems have no fans including the computer and requires no periodic maintenance or yearly calibrations.

Is the system truly low dosage?

HDS Systems – Yes! 4-7 mAs on average for our CCD systems

Is the table fully enclosed front, back and sides down to floor to prevent small animals from getting into the system?

HDS Systems – Yes!

Does the system provide all smooth surfaces so that the system can be easily disinfected?

HDS Systems – Yes!

Is the client capable of nulling or voiding the warranty if not used correctly?

HDS Systems – No! There is virtually nothing you can do to null and void your warranty

Easy to use software?

HDS Systems – Yes! HDS software was created for smoother info entering transitions, faster exposure shots and saving in case the animal was not sedated.

Can the system provide verbal commands for an x-ray technician?

HDS – Yes, we also can include an optional touchscreen monitor

Can image enhancement be reselected before image is saved?

HDS – Yes! Our CCD system comes with that feature built into our custom software

System produces DICOM images, offers Worklist Modality, full PACS?

HDS Systems – Yes!

System connects to Radiologists of choice, Emergency Centers etc...?

HDS Systems – Yes!

Can HDS provide sufficient recommendations from both radiologists and users?

HDS can provide single and multi group practices going back over 10 years. Our hardware has not changed but has provided software upgrades

Can HDS software integrate with my veterinary software management?

HDS Systems – Yes, if your veterinary management software accepts DICOM and MWL

Automated redundant backup on and off site easily, efficiently and is cost effective?

HDS Systems – Yes!

Unlimited Viewing Software for entire hospital?

HDS Systems – Yes!

Can images be viewed throughout office at the same time?

HDS Systems – Yes!

Able to view images and office data from home?

HDS Systems – Yes!

I have MACS at my practice, can image viewer work on my computer?

HDS Systems – Yes!

If computer workstation breaks or computer is added do I have to pay for additional licenses?

HDS Systems – No!

What about free software upgrades and patches?

HDS provides free patches as needed, software upgrades are available at time of computer repair if required.

Company offers 24/7/365 days Desktop Support?

HDS Systems – Yes!

Full surge protections for Digital Detector and Computer?

HDS Systems – Yes!

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Getting a HDS digital radiography system in our office over a year ago facilitated our imaging department to the extent that it was like having a new hospital. Being sticklers for image quality, digital imaging has allowed us to take more images that exceed our expectations with fewer retakes while consuming far less employee time.

Anthony Sakal, DVM

Veterinarian, Astoria Veterinary Group – Astoria, NY

After our digital x-ray system was installed at our new facility, I have nothing but praise for Hudson Digital Systems. The system has helped improve the quality of care and treatment for our patients and as for technical service we have had nothing less than courteous and timely responses to all of our questions. Thank you HDS!

Steven Tepper, DVM

Veterinarian, Animal Healthcare of Marlboro - Marlboro, NJ

In choosing a digital radiography partner for my three hospitals, I needed a company I could trust. HDS was a great choice because of their capabilities with digital radiography as well as their experience servicing both general x-ray equipment and computers/software/networking.

Michael Tuder, DVM

Veterinarian, Animal Infirmary of Hoboken - NJ

The Vet DX System exceeds our expectations in performance, while HDS impresses us with their service. The ability to take an x-ray and show it to the customer or burn it in seconds to a CD makes for great client satisfaction and priceless customer service!

Guy R. Beretich, DVM

Veterinarian, Vets for Pets

“The representatives at Hudson Digital have always been very helpful. They are very prompt in their reply and they make it very obvious that their goal is to help me and make sure that I am satisfied. I have had experiences with other companies where I feel like their primary goal is to make money off of me, but I have never felt that way with Hudson.”

Josh Lanting

Alicia Pet Clinic - Mission Viejo, CA