Exclusive New DR Flat Panel

Flat Panel will be upgraded to ALL NEW Veterinary Digital X-Ray Systems

16MP - 17x17" Flat Panel, Cesium Screen

17×17 capture area, more flexibility when positioning the patient. Sharp, high quality images. Fully Repairable On Site

4.0+ LP/MM

Auto Trigger

HDS Fanless Computer

Easy to Use Software

Veterinary Software That Includes Dicom 3.0 & Worklist Modality

5 Year Warranty

Available as a Retrofit

Ask an HDS sales representative how we can build a Flat Panel system under your practice’s budget. Retrofit system allows you to keep your original digital systems without the expensive cost.

Speak to an HDS Representative

OSA™ – HDS Support

Off Site Assistance Remote Login Support

Parts Warranty Years On Detector

Days for installation

Years In Business - Spanning Three Generations

The Vet DX System exceeds our expectations in performance, while HDS impresses us with their service. The ability to take an x-ray and show it to the customer or burn it in seconds to a CD makes for great client satisfaction and priceless customer service!

Guy R. Beretich, DVM

Owner, Vets for Pets