Frequently Asked Questions – ANSWERED

Types of CCD Devices

+Standard 9 MP CCD offers 4.0 Lp
+Advanced 9 MP CCD offers 4.8 Lp
+Advanced 16 MP CCD offers 5.8


Flat Panel is Retrofit?
+Yes, HDS Flat Panels can be retrofit
Can it be repaired on site?
+HDS Detector is the only detector that is fully repairable in the field
What warranty package do you offer?

+ 7 Year Warranty on CCD Digital X-Ray Machines

+5 Year Warranty on Flat Panel Digital X-Ray Machines


Is warrranty voided if I don't maintain the machine?

+Warranty not voided due to lack of maintenance

+Products require no periodic maintenance


What do I get when I purchase a machine from HDS?

+HDS uses no mirrors, no fans, no coolant in the detector or computer, entire system is made to be left on the entire day
+No Mirrors = No Blooming
+Smart-Touch X-Ray console: press of a button sets ma, time and kvp with easy override
+Table is fully enclosed front back sides down to the floor, making it impossible for animals to get into
+Full size 4 way table 60” x 28” with tie down side rails Optional side leafs to extend table to 6 or 7″
+Two step exposure switch, easier to x-ray on demand
+Fanless computer for the harsh veterinary environment, no hair dust or moisture will not be sucked in nor do you have fans that can slow down or break causing catastrophic heat failure
+Provides Full PACS with every system; Provides unlimited free viewing software on office computers
+On-site and automated off-site support is included 1st year
+System provides Dicom 3.0 and work list modality
+Connection to a Teleradiologist of your choice
+Battery backup/surge protector (UPS) allows user to complete/save work in the event of a power failure. Additionally, the UPS helps protect the Detector and Computer System from power surges. Included software records electrical surge events which may aid in filing insurance claims.



Does HDS have any references?

+ We can provide references starting in from 2005



How do we keep the machine clean and functional?

+All surfaces are smooth and easy to clean or disinfect



Any changes with your vendors?

+HDS utilizes the same vendors for our system that we used 9 years ago and continues to build and maintain our own fanless computer and Software



Do you perform general repairs on other x-ray equipment?
+We have a long list of service repairs for x-ray equipment and much more. Check out our service page for more information.

+We also provide service contracts if you’re interested in constant HDS maintenance.

What's the cost of a digital radiography machine?
+We work with your budget to ensure you get the best deal out in the market-based on your needs. Our machines provide quality and durability. When you request a quote we can explain what goes to into the entire process from start to finish and the cost.