About Hudson Digital Systems

We are both the leading and oldest company in Digital Radiography today.

Our Mission

Is very simple, to provide digital radiographic systems that will last you, technology that will increase your ROI, and make your life easier.

Why HDS?

We provide high quality digital x-ray systems with custom built software technology. Experienced with longevity – 3rd generation and going


Problem Solvers

Service-centric organization; National service network; Proficient staff including computer/software engineers and x-ray technologists

Customer Support

At HDS we value our clients and we know the importance of keeping our machines functional.

History of Hudson Digital Systems

HDS was born out of Andrews X-Ray. Mr. Raymond Andrews entered the x-ray field in 1947; his son Gregory joined him in 1969, 70 years of imaging experience. The company covered the tri-state area until 2005 when the name was changed to Hudson Digital Systems and our area of coverage extended across the entire US.

Through the years the company was innovative for both analog and now digital imaging fields. Some of the research and development included;

Since 2005 HDS was the first to determine CCD could not be installed on single phase equipment without getting unsatisfactory results

HDS is the first and only company to design and build a fanless computer/server. No hair, dust or moisture would be pulled in requiring periodic service or causing catastrophic heat failure

The first company to eliminate the grid, reducing radiation dosage by 40%. Scatter radiation was removed via our software

The first and so far only company to introduce Digital Detectors that are fully repairable on site

The core of the Dicom Pro software we originally developed in 2005 is still being used on our products today

We have totally eliminated periodic maintenance and yearly calibrations saving our clients thousands of dollars over the years

You can spend thousands of dollars more for a system, but it will not provide any better results than our HDR+ and HDS 4000 systems. The quality and reliability is long proven. While our competition continues to replace their client’s systems, our clients are still using the same system since 2005.

What’s new for 2017, our sleek new HDS+ 4000 X-Ray System. Our new.3 & .6 mm fractional focus x-ray tube is guaranteed to provide sharper images and you are no longer are you required to install a 100 Amp power source. Unsightly high voltage cables are now eliminated and the only time the x-ray system needs to be calibrated is if or when the x-ray tube needs to be replaced.

Hudson Digital Systems is a proven leader in the field of x-ray imaging. Our experience in both Analog and Digital is well known and respected. Twelve years later HDS is still offering features on our system that are not available anywhere else.