About Hudson Digital Systems

We are both the leading and oldest company in Digital Radiography today.

Our Mission

Is very simple, to provide digital radiographic systems that will last you, technology that will increase your ROI, and make your life easier.

Why HDS?

We provide high quality digital x-ray systems with custom built software technology. Experienced with longevity – 3rd generation and going

Problem Solvers

Service-centric organization; National service network; Proficient staff including computer/software engineers and x-ray technologists

Customer Support

Support available to all HDS clients 24/7- 365 Days. At HDS we value our clients and we know the importance of keeping our machines functional.

Our Story

In 1947 Raymond Andrews began working for Picker X-ray as one of the first combination sales and service engineers in the country. At that time, an individual was taught everything pertaining to x-ray including sales, service of equipment, darkroom maintenance, chemistry and film. Mr. Andrews opened his own company in 1958 known as RC Andrews Corp. In addition to sales and service, he introduced chemical hauling and recycling silver recovery. His methods are still being used in analog applications today.

In 1969 his son Greg joined him, and in 2004 his grandson Michael joined the company to develop digital imaging products and services. Today the company is known as Hudson Digital Systems to reflect the transition from analog to digital. Hudson, through its vast experience and superior technical capabilities, introduced many veterinary industry firsts such as the fanless CCD, fanless server, veterinary ceiling tube mount, power lift table and smart touch console.

Hudson’s fanless systems are the only periodic maintenance free digital x-ray products specifically designed to address the harsh veterinary environment. Our fanless products insure long life, lower cost of ownership and less downtime. Hudson was the first to introduce low dose technology and outstanding image quality for CCD application as well as elimination of the grid for all of our digital systems, reducing dosage another 40%.

Your digital x-ray system will most likely be one of the most important diagnostic tools you will be purchasing as well as one of the most expensive. Does it make sense to make this purchase from a company that does not specialize in digital technology? With companies that bundle products, what kind of service do you really expect? Lowest cost of ownership is what HDS has to offer for years to come.

Today many of our innovations have become the standard of the industry and our products have stood the test of time. Our goal is to provide affordable, high performing x-ray products with a low cost of ownership, and we pride ourselves on achieving this daily. Hudson has been recognized by many top veterinary radiologists from across the country for image quality, service and as the number one “go-to” company.